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Saiba como será o autoatendimento em aeroportos nos próximos anos

Shake of "O future is connected", or Sita's latest report traces some expectations of self-service that may be broken by two airports and two airline companies in six years. As you have indicated, there is no alternative path, at the same time 83% two passages embark with hair less um aparelho mobile, seja smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Cell phones, especially, is remodeling or viagem behavior. Or Sita's study indicates that you are anxious to use your own technology and the expansion of self-service. Both the airports and the airline companies já abraçaram have a tendency to invest in the famous self-service procedure.

As an argument, an analysis of Sita shows that, at 2018, Iata intends to offer a self-service experience for 80% of two passiros globais. Based on six phases: check-in, bag drop, digitalization of documents, voice remarking, self-boarding and recovery of bagagem. Not last year, to Iata atingiu 29% two passers and, this year, stipulated 40% as a goal.

Second or director of Mercado Insight da Sita, Nigel Pickford, a já adotou or self-service air transport industry and is now turning to “internet das coisas” to provide a more connected experience to travelers.

“Metade das airlines that want to develop Internet initiatives and offer them at 2018, meanwhile, the airports need to move to the same time and build adequate infrastructure to support the Internet. Together, they are going to deliver melhoradas operations and move to the experience of passageiro radically, ”he said.

Check out the result or analysis of the Sita em percentage. Each one of them represents two airports and two airlines to expect or auto service according to the phases of Iata.

Fonte: Panrotas - By: Roberta Queiroz

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