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Schalter installs Self-Checkout in an institution supporting research projects

The Arthur Bernardes Foundation, Funarbe, is an institution that supports research, teaching and extension projects at the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and other important Research Centers in the country.

In addition, the institution has a Transformation Post, a supermarket reference in Viçosa and the region, which offers differentiated and quality products that bring more support to the research and extension teaching activities of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) for the entire academic community. .

In this way, aiming to deliver a technological alternative, safe and that guarantees more agility in the attendance to the public, Ms. Renata, unit manager, found in Schalter's Self-Checkout the perfect solution to meet her needs.

This model delivered was the Self-Checkout Express. This equipment has a flexible design, being able to be installed on islands of 2 to 8 devices, providing reduced operating costs, more agility in the cashier operation and less queues at the time of payment. All this with highly reliable and robust peripherals.

Like Funarbe, many companies are already implementing our self-service solutions.

Schalter's mission is to deliver to the market, technological solutions, robust and complete, providing that your establishment always offers the best experience for your customer!