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Serra gaúcha conta com terminais de autoatendimento

A TKTZ is a gaúcha company responsible for the integration of the sales band process two main theme parks of Gramado e Canela. Aiming to provide more of a channel as an option for commercialization, a company procurou to offer its six clients more comfort and practicality by means of self-service termination.

Or I wish to invest these equipments as of the moment that the company perceives its need to carry out an approach next to the clients. To take advantage or high flux of pessoas em função do turismo, optou-se to install the equipment in hotel networks. In this regard, it is important to mention or impact of tourism in Serra Gaúcha mainly in the regions of Gramado and Canela in the longest period of the year.

Second Matheus Freitas, Commercial Director of the company, “you end up representing a way to provide even more convenience and practicality to the clients in the measure that is presented to the possibility of a scholar or that is granted by visit to the parks. This process can be carried out sem waiting in rows in days moved in a simple and objective way within the hotel itself. ”

As entertainment management companies, it will be agreed according to the TKTZ company for the sale of its six-month sales, and we end up with self-service and also the web. Or payment can be made with credit or debit cards and subsequently takes place in print of terminal hair.

At TKTZ até então realizou or investimento acquiring three final installs installed in hotéis da cidade. At the goal of the company, it will acquire 100 units at the beginning or beginning of 2020, knowing that it will take two users to provide equipment and comfort, or that it will take advantage of the purchase decision process.

Matheus ainda says that Schalter strikes by a company based on the experience of a company with this type of self-service technology and also close to Schalter's headquarters in Porto Alegre. Nesse aspect, or Commercial Manager of Schalter, Alexsandro Brubacher affirms that "to be able to contribute as a tourism investment by means of technology, in the face of a parrity ainda more relevant."

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