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Rede z café adquire terminais de autoatendimento schalter

Equipment is being installed, first of all, at the Tecnopuc unit

You end up of self-service to be able to present numerous benefits and different vantagens for different establishments and companies. In the case of the famous Gaúcha network of coffee and gastronomy, Z Café, or aspect that drives or invests in this type of equipment, it is capable of differentiating capacity through efficient services and ages. Two equipments are being installed, first of all, at the Tecnopuc unit, where it works or the “Takeaway” model. I think that your own possam customers will serve by sticking their food and drinks in geladeiras e balcões e depois to make or pay. Research in other equipment devem ocorrer according to expansão da rede.

You are finished with self-service foram designed to meet the needs of Z Coffee to make or order and make your payment. This process does not affect the agility of the service as it also offers the consumer the possibility of being a scolher as a gostaria to be attended, caixa ou or self-service.

Second Carlo Zanette, owner of the Z Café, there is also another important benefit to the network that it is possible to sell products in various periods of the day, and no other part of the need for assistance that you are finishing being installed in um commercial prize. Or that it can also provide an increase in sales of products, many times, for convenience and opportunity. In that sense, we will be offering our products 24 hours a day. ”

Carlo ainda says that the main fator stops Schalter as a supplier of two self-service terminations and a capacity for customização dos projetos. “A maioria das Empresas são engessadas quando or assunto é customização. As we need three barcodes, we eat food and drinks at the end of the day, very often, it needs to be adapted. From the moment in which Schalter managed to meet our needs we managed to develop parceria. ”

Second Alexsandro Brubacher, Commercial Manager of Schalter, “we credit this project with the ability to impact or new purchasing behavior that is established with the new technologies, Self Service, Takeaway, Self Checkout no future, and a reality of various branches of deal. Development of “Takeaway” loja são results from the evolution of the consumer profile that demands faster and more efficient services. We are certain that you will finish self-service on the context of time management and increase in the satisfaction of clients only with relevant investments and that should be analyzed with good ol. ”.

Envelope or Z Coffee:

O nascimento do Z Café ocorre no year 2000 as the objective of becoming a local for worshipers of a coffee café and leaf and much more than that. It is a perfect place so you want to have fun, how much you want to take advantage of or gastronomy. At the moment, it has 6 strategically backed units with the capital gaúcha, providing gastronomic experiences of the highest quality of attention to the clients.

About Schalter:

In connection with all national territories, Schalter has 27 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of electronic products, integrated commercial, banking and industrial automation solutions through innovative hardware technologies.

Possui uma vasta carteira with important clients two more diverse segments of atuação by means of its three product lines: you finish self-service, compact computers (mini pc's and thin clients) and row management solutions.

Palavras-chave: Self-service terminal, Self-service Totem, Service terminal, Self-service for row reduction, Self-service for reduction of operating costs, Self-service termination for customer satisfaction, Totem finance, Totem for payment, Totem for ordering.