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O impacto da fila de espera na percepção do cliente

Or empowerment of the consumer trouxe novos challenges to or feeding bearer. When there is a public demand to be served with the most convenience, speed and least possible intermediaries, and it is natural that the long lines of the second or highest claim rate are two customers of a supermarket, about 37% two frequencies of the type of trade, according to with study of CVA Solutions.

Or a company that betting self-service hair will provide the consumer with the possibility to enter a supermarket, pass the products through a specific bandage terminal, make or pay and leave the shop - it is a semi-interventional operation and spending 30% less than time , normally lost nas rows. Além disso, or physical space and or human material are only used melodies, in comparison to the traditional model, thinking that it is possible to place three self checkouts, with barely a tax, not a single caixa.

A self checkout offer is fully prepared for this nova realidade do Varejo Alimentar, with all the records necessary for operation, such as reading two barcodes, a pesagem de hortifruti, payment methods for credit and debit cards, between outros

In addition, Design Thinking techniques are used to develop a unique layout, making available a 100% adapted interface for self-service, in which the client can start and finish his purchase sem sem need of support. The solution is also fully integrated into the company's back office solutions.

In order to guarantee certain transactions, the self-service equipment with attached cameras, which allows a real-time monitoring. Além disso, based on the support of plastic bags possui uma balança embedded. Dessa form, when or customer passes or produto hair scanner e o places na sacola, or system compares or registered weight or when there is no system, previously registered for each item. In case of divergences, or prosecutor.

For Ronan Maia, vice-president of Distribuição e Varejo da TOTVS, or self-checkout, the last example of the use of technology in favor of two businesses. “As we need two of our clients and of their clients, they are the directors for the creation of nossas soluções. For this reason, we study the new consumer behaviors and apply to technology to attend this year by melhores purchase experiences, also solving a critical problem for the supermarket leaflet maker. In the end, as every day more and more run, no one wants to face ranks and sim fazer their purchases are more simple and convenient possível. Nosso novo produto directly directs this wish, ”he says or executive.

Fonte: E-Commerce Brazil

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