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Centro Clínico Gaúcho com terminais de autoatendimento Schalter

Foram equipment installed in all units of the company.

Clients of the Gaúcho já Clinical Center contam com os serviços availized hairs end of self-service Or investimento ocorreu, aiming to make available products and services with the use of technology that provides agility and reduction of costs. Not total, 38 are finished installed in all the units of the company, which is present in Gaúchas, by means of 18 units of sudden attention.

Second Renato Kleppe, IT manager, “we equip you with the purpose of providing more flexibility and efficiency, we serve as agenda and cancellation of consultations. Outra it was important to provide security, but also access to all of you would benefit from the Gaúcho Clinical Center through a ferramenta that is simple and simple. That it was quick and safe also to mark queries at the same time as a differentiated channel. ”.

When using two hair ends, the Clinical Center represents the concern of the organization in manter- is updated by means of technologies that we still have become increasingly widespread. The technological resources provided by self-service hairs will allow the company to develop and present new services, conquering assim more opportunities not market.

Equally important, it will be considered in self-care, and in qualification. In a market with latent and necessary opportunities with various qualifications, it is important to be at your disposal to reduce the risks of investing in equipment that you may find safekeeping, but also benefits. This aspect is decisive for Schalter's escort as a hardware supplier, since he has 26 years of service and no market for automation and the qualification of his products is full of client numbers that are users of self-service terminations. That fator foi determinant, second Renato Kleppe, stops a escort of fornecedor - “We found in Schalter a near non-service that provided us with certain facilities at the time of negotiation. Another essential point is for qualification of two equipments, an aspect that we need to value in order to guarantee adequate service to our clients ”.

About or Gaúcho Clinical Center:

Present in gaito cidades, or Gaúcho possui um corpo de Mais Clinical Center of 2,000 collaborators, being 70% formed by a team of saúde profissionais (doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians). It has 18 own units for emergency service and emergency consultations and marked time of various medical specialties. It also operates with a large network of credentials in Porto Alegre and in the Metropolitan regions of Vale dos Sinos for ambulatory, hospital and laboratory services.

Ainda company offers its six clients:

Comprehensive Assessoria in Occupational Medicine (PCMSO)
O Saúde em Dia, complete program with preventive monitoring activities and monitoring.

About Schalter:

In all national territory, with Schalter possui more than 27 years of experience not developing, manufacturing and marketing of electronic products, integrated solutions of commercial, banking and industrial automation, totally based on innovative technologies not hardware segment.

Since 2007, Schalter has been betting on product lines that I think or think of four major global trends: green IT, virtualization, cloud computing and self-service, becoming part of the commercial, industrial, banking and IT automation segments. The investments made will allow the development of products for use mainly in self-service, checkout, work stations, factory offices, desks and etc.