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Consumer empowerment has brought new challenges for food retailers. When there is a demand of the public to be served with more convenience, speed and with the least number of intermediate players, it is natural that long lines have the highest rates of client complaints in a supermarket, around 37% of the consumers of this type of commerce, according to a study by CVA Solutions.

The businessperson that relies on self-service will provide the consumer with the possibility of entering a supermarket, passing the products through a specific sales terminal, make a payment and leave the store - all without the intervention of any employees and spending 30% less time, normally lost on lines. Moreover, the physical space and the human resources are better used, in comparison with the traditional model, since it is possible to put three self-checkouts, with only one controller, in the place of a single cashier.

The offer of self-checkout is full prepared for this new reality of food retail, with all of the records necessary for the operation, with barcode reading, fruit and vegetable weighing, credit and debit card payment options, among others. Moreover, Design Thinking techniques are used to develop a unique layout, providing an interface 100% adapted to self-service, in which the client can start and finish their purchase without the need for support. The solution is also full integrated to the backoffice solutions of the company.

To guarantee security in the transactions, the self-service equipment has cameras attached, which enabling monitoring in real time. Moreover, the base that supports plastic bags has an embedded scale. This way, when the client scans the product and places it in the bag, the system compares the weight registered at that moment with what is in the system, previously registered for each item. In the case of discrepancies, the controller is engaged.

For Ronan Maia, vice president of TOTVS Distribution and Retail, self-checkout is a great example of using technology in favor of business. “The needs of our clients and their end clients are the drivers for creating our solutions. Therefore, we study new consumer behaviors and apply the technology to meet this desire for better purchasing experiences, also solving the critical problem for the supermarket sector. After all, with an increasingly busy everyday routine, nobody wants to stay on lines anymore, just make their purchases as simply and conveniently as possible. Our new product addresses this desire directly”, comments the executive.

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