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Por que as grandes redes estão investindo em autoatendimento?

Not last year, brands like Jeronimo, McDonald’s and Bob’s incorporate self-service totens into some of their stores. This mudança and muito mais that a marketing strategy and renovation two layouts das lojas.

Before defining this is a tendency for or market, it is important to understand or that it is motivating these networks to add new procedures to their operations.

Asked that everyone wanted to see answered and this is a tendency that will be taken from the market. But I do not ask any more important to be feita. In fact, it is a great idea to understand why big brands of fast food are moving or their service model.

Otimização da equipe

As direct request of the non-terminal auto-service terminal for the areas of operation, as far as we can reduce or volume two employees that work for us, we can be relocated to reach the production areas and / or deliver two orders.

Reduce two erros you ask us

As either requested directly by client hair, or volume of errors and reduced and assimilated, it will reduce waste and increase the agility of the entire operation.

Reduction of two payments in dinheiro

Or increase two terminations of comprehensive self-service or set of operações digitais. Isto facilitates the date of the movement not at the end of the day of the operation and reduction of local assets, reducing costs of transporting securities.

Dice capture

Or if you use it, you can guarantee a better capture of data from two customers. This stimulus for the capture of an initial register can expand or relate the customer or customer and transform a ferramenta de fidelização.

Increase in bandages

Studies indicate that self-care generates an increase in bandages from 15% to 30%. This is largely related to the possibility of the consumer to estimate their order with the best agility and efficiency. You can also suggest products, announcements, and suggest purchases based on system information.

It is very much that a marketing move or a form of modernization for its networks, the big brands are of olmo mesmo and not faturamento. Or self-service increases the prescription of bandages and reduces operating costs. Or system also potentializes or accesses to customer information, a precious ferramenta for ações de relacionamento.

Fonte: Goomer Blog

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