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5 bons motivos para investir em totem de autoatendimento

Totens de autoatendimento são automated equipment for different purposes, seja for payment of purchases, address of guichês, dissemination of information among other services that may appear in a commercial establishment. US and Europe or use these machines is quite common, while here not Brazil, this culture comes to gain form and credibility.

Agora, why devote to investing in a self-service totem? Or totem plot different vantagens for or seu negócio, a principal é a economy. Conheça:

1 - Avoid spending cominements.

O custo em treinamentos é cut, pois não é Necessary to use a functionary to attend or client and, at the same time, economized or tempo that would be necessary to treinar or collaborator, granting or denying to generate more profit.

2 - Court of operating busts

A diminuição de um funcionário gera economy of imposts. You will not pay INSS, thirteenth salary, voucher-transport, voucher-refeição and other orders that are indispensáveis ​​na contratação de uma pessoa para o trabalho.

3 - Resource Otimização

It is possible to carry out civil servants for other sectors of business, or seja, there is no need for a collaborating partner, and it also assimilates to the supreme company as the hired civil servants hired.

4 - Gera less rows

Your sofrem customers with rows in your business? The totens of self-help auxiliary process agility in which we need to wait smoothly.

Imagine a row com dez pessoas. Five wanted to pay with money and another five preferred to pay with cartão. Make sure that you pay all pessoas. If you totem, these are five pesos that you wanted to pay, not be able to relocate and make your payment. A tiny row strips metade!

5 - Melhor avaitamento do espaço

To use self-service totem, it is necessary about 1 square meter barely. Seu negócio ganha mais espaço e amplitude, generating more comfort for your six clients.

Fonte: Somax Automação

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