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Os 6 maiores motivos para sua empresa trocar Desktops por Mini PCs.

Managers who are always attentive to the market news to get a maximum in vantage for their company, have been thinking that they should be thinking of switching Desktops through Mini PCs to two six points of work.

E você não is sozinho. That is a practice that is becoming increasingly common country and is considered by specialists of setor as a tendency that really saw to ficar. At the end, or that every business owner and manager most wishes to find a perfect solution that guarantees or maximizes custo custody or benefit, which allows a high daily production, whether to commit to team performance, but also to initiate economic start-up. of preference, that you learn baixos custos additionali, as for example, with manutenção, expense with electric energy, among others.

Ainda is na dúvida is essa ação é mesmo a melhor solução for a company in this moment? Don't worry. To help you take a decision that is right for longo prazo e não ficar with uncertainties, here are 6 main reasons for your company to trade Desktops by Mini PCs.

The 6 best reasons for your company to trade Desktops for Mini PCs.

1. Espaço

Taking advantage of the essential day of our days, not mesmo? The two values ​​are quite high and the companies must turn in smaller places in the same way. Pois os Mini PCs can help and mute nessa questão.

Much smaller than the traditional Desktops, the more you lose in performance, the Mini PCs are an excellent option for places that need to place more weight in smaller rooms.

Therefore, it has been widely used in companies of all sizes and has shown excellent results. Your company is growing, but you do not want to move out, it can also be a good option to trade Desktops for Mini PCs, but lose nothing in production.

2. Custo X Benefício

It is only possible to place paper and make a rational comparison. Você list all the attributes and benefits that um Desktop can offer for your company at this time, it will be perceived that a Mini PC can guarantee or mesmo, being able to cost less, semi lost performance.

It is not necessary to deceive smaller tamanho hair, a Mini PC can sim fazer or mesmo trabalho than a Desktop in large part of the desk's tasks.

It is clear that it is necessary to compare equipment with mesma technology and qualification to be able to confirm this conclusion. But it is a simple and direct finding. Trocar Desktops for Mini PCs, therefore, could be a way to save face logo and guarantee more capital for your company to invest in other important points, such as, for example, the purchase of new inputs, or marketing.

3. Custo com manutenção

At the time of weighing your balance, it is necessary to plant always the custodian of manutenção that involves the purchase of a new computer for your company.

Or that means that the initial value of the purchase can be better than imagined and that it is necessary always to be crazy for this purpose. At the end of the count, no one wants to see a produtive employee stopped, losing time and money due to a technical problem, not his computer.

In that sense, or Mini PC stands out once again and shows the values ​​of manutenção mais baixos do Mercado. Isso é possível because o Mini PC is developed as a structure for the corporate market. Due to its construction, it presents baixos níveis de aquecimento, um two common problems presented by Desktops of all brands and models.

4. Energy and sustainability economy

Você já parou to think or how much every um two computers of your company consume energy all the more? We know that all business managers are looking for smart days to produce more, less or better custodian of possível energy.

Most of the time, Trocar Desktops for Mini PCs may be a solution that you will be seeking. It can be cut from all sides, na produção, na conscientização de colaborators and até na troca de lâmpadas, or Mini PC can be a big differential.

Research proves that a Mini PC consumes 5 times less electrical power than a traditional Desktop. Therefore, to trocar Desktops by Mini PCs on all fronts of trabalho possíveis, you will be able to reduce your monthly count dramatically, sem fazer effort, algum. Tudo isso, sem lose em performance e produtividade.

In the case of the final custodian, opt for the diminution of energy consumption and also for a responsible responsibility for maintaining two natural resources on the planet. Ou seja, a simple troca of equipment can place your company in a sustainable way, not only finance, but also environmental.

5. Poluição Sonora

Does that barulhinho chato know that we did not write when you are in Silêncio? Isso can ficar not passed. Ao trocar Desktops for Mini PCs você não vai mais deixar to concentrate because of a constant and irritating noise.

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