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Por que usar a tecnologia em restaurante?

How is technology not your restaurant? It is often necessary to define a comfort zone to look for changes in business. But this is not an easy task. In recent years, we experienced muitas mudanças nas ferramentas de gestão e o principal motor das mudanças é a automação two restaurants.

For the last two years, ideology or advancement of technology, Miss Apollo 11, who levou or homem à lua has 48 years. Or module of Missão that allows Terra Tinha satellite system or the most modern computers of its time. When we compare the capacity of processamento of these equipment to the days of the day, the computers of the tinham module processamento capacity smaller than what we have at the moment num smartphone available in the market

Or challenge of technology

It is natural that or advances technology gere discomfort. But it is important to endorse or how much this progress can be extended to the management capacity of your business, the operation of your restaurant.

When we think in automação, it is necessary to define agreements. Automação é um a system that uses computer or mechanical techniques with the objective of revitalizing and optimizing productive processes.

When we dynamized a process, we gained efficiency and, in general, we reduced the tempo of operation. We spend days in the restaurant, we can say that there is no agility to attend and deliver a major control of operations.

Service agility

On account of the need to place business inside tax legislation, many restaurants will use systems to be compliant with lei. At the time of two systems, two orders can be mechanized.

There is no market, from electronic orders, interactive cards to self-service termination that expedites or processes taken from the consumer's request. Through these systems and equipment, it is possible to attend or consume more quickly and efficiently.

The processes also reduce you very much. Pormem, a big vantagens for more important automation and the capture of a large amount of dice. Apart from melhorar or catering service, you will see a clear view of the consumer profile of two consumer profiles.

More efficient controls

Every manager knows how many products of maior banda num restaurant are. But when asked what are the 5 products that generate a greater profitability of the operation, many silent managers.

It is important to understand what volume is, but it is more important to understand what the greatest contributions are. It is very difficult to expand the volumes of bandages, but it is very easy to renegotiate with suppliers to help margem of a product.

A modern gesture requires quick and efficient controls. It is not necessary to wait or fim do more to endorse operação. It is possible to be accompanying the bands in real time. Isto allows uma melhor rapier management and an effective work team.

Generating indicators, KPIs

We can only control what we can measure. This is an important maxim of gesture. With automação, you can generate infinite relatories, more lembre-se: your gestão model will continue or mesmo.

Before defining what stories you want to breed with your system, define what are important points of your operation. Comes by controlling 4 to 5 indicators and, like time and experience, begins to combine new indicators or several combinations.

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