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¿Por qué las grandes redes están invirtiendo en autogestión?

Last year, brands such as Jeronimo, McDonald's and Bob’s incorporated self-service totems to some of their stores. This change is much more than a marketing and layout renewal strategy for the stores.

Before determining whether this is a trend for the market, it is important to understand what is motivating these networks to adopt new procedures in their operations.

The question that everyone wants to see answered is whether this is a trend that will take over the market. But this is not the most important question to be asked. In fact, the big question is to understand why the major fast food brands are changing their service model.

Team optimization

By directing orders straight to self-service terminals for areas of operation, stores can reduce the number of employees that work as cashiers, who can then be relocated to areas of production and/or deliveries of orders.

Less errors in orders

Since the order is placed directly by the client, the number of errors is reduced and so, the store reduces waste and increases speed in the entire operation.

Less payments in cash

The increase in self-service terminals broadens the set of digital operations. This makes closing easier at the end of the day of operation and reduces cash in the stores, reducing expenses with cash carriers.

Data capture

The use of these terminals may guarantee an increase in the data capture of client information. This incentive to capture an initial registration may increase the store’s relationship with the client and transform it into a loyalty tool.

Increase in sales

Studies indicate that self-service generates an increase of 15% to 30% in sales. This is largely related to the possibility of the consumer to optimize their order with more speed and efficiency. The terminals can also suggest products, with advertisements, and suggest purchases based on the system’s information.

Much more than a marketing ploy or a way to bring modernity to their networks, the major brands have their eye on revenue. Self-service increases sales revenue and reduces operational costs. The system also enhances access to client information, a precious tool for relationship actions.