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Desktop X Mini PC - Complete comparison to help you get to school

Technological advances have a fundamental role in corporate processes. Through them, we automate part of our functions in search of results and better results. Moreover, in so many non-market options, it is easy to get lost among the hardwares most indicated for your business.

Uma coisa é certa: We need to deliver to our professionals efficient equipment for your work, according to the qual. It is certain that on time he pays for an inative officer for the account of a computer that is more expensive than the value invested in machines that will fulfill his function.

It is also important to think not custo benefício da aquisição. Do you need your company to demand a more powerful desktop, or would it be that a mini PC would give a message?

Or first step and analyze what type of work your company performs. If your business uses heavy programs, such as video and imagem editors, you will need computers with the highest performance. Agora, for a large number of companies that use programs that do not require so much machine performance, or mini PC would bring many benefits.

Desktop X mini PC? Confers abaixo or comparative and ideal machine escort:

1. Electric power consumption

When or subject and energy consumption, or Mini PC sai na front. A machine is designed to minimize or consume energy.

Or desktop possui all a structure that consumes muita energy, to commit for your source, at least 300 watts of power.

Desktop processors also have high power consumption when we compare processors for Mini PCs. These are compact and built with reduced TDP (Thermal Design Power).

Different from desktop, or mini PC does not need cooler. With less moving parts, diminui, ainda mais, or energy consumption.

2. Portability

Tamanho is not a problem for mini PCs. In addition, desktops occupy a lot more physical space, both for CPUs, for peripherals, for mini PCs with reduced sizes. Em Sua Maioria is only small caixas that can be encased behind a monitor.

3. Customization facility

Neste comparative desktop X mini PC, or ponto vai for desktops. Isso makes it easy for him to propose "upgrades" of all his parts.

Or mini PC is more restricted when or subject to customização. When we speak of memory or processor, a replacement in a mini PC is simple in the desktop. A limitation of the hardware is more related to the graphic part.

4. Custo de manutenção

Here we have questões a serem raised. Non-comparative desktop X mini PC, or desktop ganha ponto no quesito manutenção, enquanto or mini PC sai na in front of durability.

As we saw earlier, or desktop possui uma facilidade maior de customização. Ao estragu um component, if not desktop, just replace this peça. As a matter of fact, assistance ends up becoming more economical.

Or mini PC possui muitos integrated components, making it difficult to replace insulated peças. In the meantime, the durability of its six components is very high. In the desktop it is not common to burn a board or component, in a mini PC this chance is smaller.

5. Performance

With respect to performance, there has been no doubts, or desktop and more powerful. A machine rolls more robust and heavy applications. He also sees that as new version of mini PCs Estejam is checking to the market with more and more memory and processor capacity, the mini PCs are back.

Therefore, it is important to guarantee or type of application used in your company. Nearly 80% of all softwares have no need for powerful hardware. In case you do not use image manipulation softwares or videos - e não queira um PC to play - or mini PC will eliminate your needs.


Do not pack desktop X mini PC quem ganha é a machine that adapts to the needs of your company. Você requires high performance, because of the use of heavy imagem manipulation programs and / or using complex systems, and opt for a desktop. If your activity demands no muita performance, you want to save energy, space and maintenance, the mini PCs are perfect for your business.

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