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A necessidade da MODERNIZAÇÃO TECNOLÓGICA no atendimento aos clientes

Service na era da informação

Or consumer mudou muito na virada do século. With all the information traveling or tempo all in all the directions, or relationship of the company or client muou muou. Before or comércio it was something more informal, or customer conhecia or dono do negócio, passava not caixa and took advantage to talk and to the seller-consumer relationship it was more solid, baseava-se na trust. With the turn of the circle and the revolution of the Internet, all these relations will be altered.

As information travels more and more quickly, or customer does not want to lose time in rows to find solutions to their needs, and the company does not adapt to customer requirements, it is lost. No time to expedite or care is worth using criatividade, any solution that reduces or waiting time is valid. From alternative canes, hairs quais or possa client will communicate with the company, such as e-mail, as social networks, a proper application. I tied more robust alternatives, as you finish self-service.

Some of the naturalities that two new consumers adapt to new demands and at the same time as a purchase profile end up being driven, in a constant rhythm, to the need for adaptation and updating not to conduct business under penalty of entering for or group of companies companies considered late.

Assim sendo, how to provide, in a natural way, these condições demanded hair market led pelas mudanças two own consumers?

Engana-se quem seeks an absolute response to this question. The strategic capacity of companies to endorse their segments of atuação sempercompanying or advancing technologies and market trends should be considered in strategic capacity. The idea is to look for a high level of competitiveness, and this level inevitably accompanies the ability of companies to provide quality assistance, more objective, semi-bureaucracy and ranks. At the end of the contas, to the satisfaction of two clients and a guarantee of profit and sustainability of any company.

How can a self-service terminal benefit the company?

It is costly to carry out operations in banking agencies, you will have to be a member of some day when you agreed earlier to open to not need to file a line. You finish self-service for distribution of senhas reduzem that waiting line when implemented effectively, raising in account or volume of clients that will be attended, assimilated or processed and carried out in an intelligent way, making decisions based not on the type of service that weighed It seeks, or group in which the type of problem that it seeks to solve. As rows can be reduced by metade, apart from custo de operação despencar.

Or service terminal for issuing tickets also something that is becoming popular. In less than five minutes you can buy a ticket for a show, for or cinema, bus tickets, or pay for your bills using a credit card or debit card. Agilidade é o that or client is trying. The less time you wait for attending hair, the more you will be able to take advantage of your product, increasing the chances of conquering it.

You finish self-service, more than technological equipment, we represent a ferramenta of contact with the client. For this reason, we provide a defense of a council that overcomes subject to the acquisition of hardware. As a functionality it represents a complete interatividade of the company with its consumer. As an agreement, it represents or desires to provide valued benefits to client hairs, such as comfort, satisfaction, objectivity, mitigation of errors, and at the top of your stay, to value two clients.

To Schalter he is a company that has been non-market for 30 years, helping businessmen to crescerem, conquering new clients and loyalty in the past. Understanding the needs of the current client, we insert in our catalog of services to implementation of self-service terminations, raising in account to the area of ​​atuação, or volume of clients that will be served by the service, and which model is embedded in the business reality. Since 2007 we have developed technological solutions to our business, and we have become a non-self-service termini market.

“Our purpose is to help our clients to satisfy their clients through self-service technologies”

A qualification does not directly affect the customers that we use to prove their service. Guaranteed agility and trust, you know that it is several steps closer to conquering a long-standing customer. Among them, I know about you through the site, or also by phone (51) 3346-3990 so that we can initiate or heal and heal all of them as hesitant about this new method of business neglect.

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