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Queue management: Understand how you can benefit your business

The queues are part of everyone's daily life, whether in the supermarket, boarding the train, banks, public offices, cinemas and a multitude of other situations. In theory, queues are meant to organize and maintain the ordering of a stream of people waiting to be served in some way, be it with a service or product.

However, in many cases queues become a disorder and cause for much dissatisfaction and complaints, especially when there are atypical customer flows or a defect in the machines on which service depends. At such times all care must be taken to make the situation of the client less painful and unpleasant.

Check below how queuing management can benefit your business.

The Queue Dilemma

There is a paradox in using the queues. On one side is the customer who does not want to wait too long and the other is the cost of making the queue walk. Imagine the situation of a supermarket that, to avoid queuing, keeps all its boxes open. Would it be reasonable to maintain this even when the flow of customers is halved? And the cost of this idleness? On the other hand, think of the crowded store of customers with only half the boxes in operation and the average time in the queue being half an hour. Certainly, the customer would feel irritated and would have a negative experience in the buying process.

On the other hand, without the ordering offered by queues, it would be practically impossible to guarantee the same conditions of service to all clients, not to mention that there are legislation that, in many situations, define priority services and maximum waiting periods in queues.

Queue management to improve customer experience

Not infrequently the customer chooses a particular bank, supermarket or restaurant based on the experience they have in relation to waiting time in the queue. The less time the customer expects, the better his perception of service is, and the better his experience. So how do you manage queues so the customer does not feel like he's wasting his precious time?

There are several ways to do this management, but the most effective are electronic systems. These systems not only allow you to estimate the demand for service, but also can provide the customer with information and forecasts of the time that he will be waiting for. This greatly reduces the anxiety of waiting and demonstrates an attitude of transparency on the part of the commercial establishment.

Technology in favor of your business

Intelligent queuing management systems are solutions to improve customer satisfaction with queues. There are several benefits to adopting an EasyLine -
Schalter's Queue Management Solution:



-Agility and control in the care



Investment with guaranteed return

If in the day to day of your business you are facing problems and complaints from your customers (and employees) regarding the queues, stay tuned. It is more than time to deploy a queue management system. The client needs and deserves to be always informed of how the queue is going, keep the waiting time in mind and be attended to as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

Your most agile employee deserves to be recognized and valued. One can not let a good customer experience collapse due to an unnecessary waiting in line, after all, satisfied customer is customer who always comes back!

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