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O grupo de telecomunicações claro adquire terminais de autoatendimento schalter

Equipment is installed in units all over the country

For the purpose of offering more and more objective and efficient service channel, to CLARO, one of the main telecommunication companies in the country, opted to invest the Schalter self-service solution.

Or project started in 2016 and from now on to company investing in the installation of the self-service terminal, NewWEB model. Já foram installed more than a hundred of equipment in its own premises.

You have finished your self-service as an objective to optimize your attention to the public, in addition to providing greater comfort in obtaining information through consultation with two clients. Aquisição two equipments provided a series of important benefits packed with market hair, as being necessary for the realization of a public service.

São eles: fast and objective service, reduction of waiting lines, realocação of functions for other major activities, increase in competitiveness of the technological update, provides convenience and comfort to the client who wishes to acquire quick information between other benefits.

You have completed the self-service of Schalter já foram installed in various captains of the country, among them, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Florianópolis, Aracaju, Curitiba, Salvador, Belém, Minas Gerais, Porto Alegre and Palmas.

Almem two benefits cited also fear, as a characteristic feature of technology, the possibility of using you ends 24 hours per day regardless of the period of operation of this establishment.

Second Valtuir Caetano, President of Schalter Director, “Modern and innovative companies that use multicanais to deceive and provide the best services, they must provide self-service options through the termination of self-service. No specific case of the Claro project, or project foi um successso since its implementation. A company can focus on its main activities, which need to be concerned with the perfect functioning of the alternative channel, because this is the NewWEB model because of its robustness, performance and intuitive characteristics, and it is a very reliable product. "