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Entenda a importância do atendimento no mundo dos negócios

Qualidade no atendimento can retain customers and improve results. Check out the trends for 2018 and what you want to benefit from.

Um two primary points for or succession of a company or service. Or relationship with the customers is essential so that the consumer is centralized in the company's strategies, making sure that he wins more and more space.

Thinking nisso, we created a list that helps to understand the importance of care. Saiba or that your company can fazer to melhorar or relationship with consumers:

1) Convenience

It is not enough that your company attends quickly. Or support also needs to be efficient. Em 2017, or consumer já não wants to strive to be attended. Ele, na really, expects to receive things easily, or that makes it possible to deliver a huge differential.

2) Self-service

In 2018, as companies have to expand their self-service channels, there is a perception that this is a real demand. Or self-service ainda não é majoritário among the Brazilian companies, but a Microsoft study shows that 98% two Brazilians hope that the companies will offer a self-service channel.

3) Relation relations

In view of the fact that there are more and more empowered operators for relações reais, which will be very mute bem or subject that I am dealing with. Enquanto a faz or trabalho flat technology, as pessoas vão fazer relacionamento.

In a feita search, American Express, a Customer Service Barometer, 99% two consumers disseram who have a satisfactory answer or who are connected to someone who has knowledge about or subject (98%) are important requirements for the last experience.

4) Marketing allied to or relationship

No world two business, marketing and relationship will be increasingly mixed. Isso happens to the extent that the consumer gains more and more power from backing up positive and negative information about companies.

5) Proatividade

Another differential will be a proatividade na assistance. Quem wants to differentiate itself in 2017, it is necessary to check not your customer as a solution before the problem or problem.

Um feito study pee Ameyo shows some statistic vantagens of proactive care A fidelity of two consumers can increase from 3% to 5%, for example. Além disso, also a number of chamadas are reduced, it is possible to identify problems with more agility and solve the most efficient.

Fonte: Brasil Econômico - iG