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Uma nova era no relacionamento do varejo com o consumidor

Or Brasiliro is ready to buy in a supermarket sem caixa, with online cobrança? A survey of IBOPE Conecta made with Internet users reveals that 87% of them buyiam nessa situação, pois acham that would be more practical, more fast and gostam de nova buying experiences. For the 13% that I do not buy, or reason or reluctance of não ter alguém to solve a problem and for no reason seem safe.

Outra opção de cobrança, or totem, as there are us shopping malls, requires an incentive, there are 45% two respondents affirm that they have never been used or totem when available in a meeting point. Among those who use it, ferramenta pleases: 61% acham more practical and 45% say that it is faster, at least 15% preferring to attend as assistant.

A question is also asked about the Guide Shops, such establishments as a vitrine of products, generally linked to an e-commerce. Therefore, Brazil is not disconcerted, since 80% two interviewees never ouviram falar nesse type of shop, more gostariam to buy. For the 14% that affirmed that I did not buy, the main reasons were not to receive the wrong product or defense, I would not take it or I would go home at any time and in the absence of trust in this type of service. I poucos (4%) that já buram nessas lojas, gostaram: 70% ficaram satisfied with experience.

Another method that appears to appear in the highest number of countries not to pay just by approaching or giving a mobile phone. Mais gives metade two Brazilian Internet users (57%) já ouviram falar desse type of payment, but never or use. Outros 31% also conhecem, more ficaram interested in using. Therefore, only 2% of them are used, especially in roulette and supermarket stores.

OR IBOPE Also connects perguntou which is the preferred innovative payment system of Internet users. Pay with biometrics and escorted by two interviewees (48%), followed by paying as cell phone (27%) and facial reconhecimento (12%). In spite of the desire for technological advancement, 42% accredited that Brazil did not have the capacity of such technologies as semi-assisting stores, payments via cell phone and other payments. It also has a cultural barreira: 64% preferential payment with check and 49% preferential or bank card / ticket system (as was the multiple escort eram).

About to research
A research was carried out from March 8 to 13, with 2,000 Internet users of classes A, B, C and D, from all regions of Brazil.

Fonte: IBOPE (http://www.ibopeinteligencia.com/noticias-e-pesquisas/87-dos-internautas-gostariam-de-comprar-em-supermercado-sem-caixa/)

Palavras chave: Self chekcout, Varejo, Supermarkets, Caixa de autosserviço, Caixa de pagomento, IBOPE.