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WEB Video - O terminal for semi-attendance

The use of the WEB Video self-service terminal allows personalized attendance by establishing a close relationship with the public. At the same time it makes it possible to centralize all service in a single contact center, not depending on structures or branches in remote locations.

With this solution we have the reduction of operational costs, where the customer is present with the public, without having the operational expense of a physical structure of a point of service (physical room, exclusive attendant, cleaning, IT support, etc.) .

Completely in steel, the Video WEB terminal has:

• High Definition Camera - A4 or A5 Printer
•  Multimedia kit
• Document Scanner
• Touchscreen with S.A.W technology (Surfasse Acoustic Waves)

Case of Success

Client: SEFAZ-CE (Secretary of Finance of the State of Ceará)
Solution Delivered: Solicitation of services of the Ceará taxpayer to the Finance Department in several points of the state / Printing of guides, documents and consultations to the SEFAZ-CE system.

Key Earnings:
• Optimization of services offered
• Reduced wait time
• Increased productivity
• Increase in quality of service
• Increased public and image satisfaction