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The Manentti Supermarket of Rio Maina offers its customers the option of Self Checkout.

The Manentti Supermarket of Rio Maina also offers its customers a self checkout option.

For the commercial director of the Supermarkets Manentti, Nazareno Dorneles Alves, the aim of acquiring self-payment was to provide more agility in the processes and to offer the clients of the supermarket a unique shopping experience and consequently attract new ones.

Self checkout Schalter is a complete, simple and intuitive equipment that counts on advanced technology, following international standards of quality, providing our customers with operating cost reduction, commercial visibility and institutional marketing. In addition, when purchasing a Schalter Self Checkout equipment, Manentti goes to the segment, along with large players, providing a new option to serve the consumer.

Still Do not Know What Self-Checkouts Are? We explain ... they are self-service terminals so that the customer can be accountable for the products chosen. In this equipment he can read the prices and make the payment soon afterwards. This action, in addition to speeding up its buying period in the market, reduces the long queues - considered the champion in the complaint of customers who attend the supermarket.

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