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Supermercados começam a investir em caixas de autoatendimento no Brasil

As a system, diminution of the ranks varies between 30% and 50% in comparisons to conventional conventions.

Concerned not as a self-checkout in England, the United States and not Canada, caisses automatiques na França e fai da had Itália, the caixas of self-service têm começado to conquer or seu espaço us supermarkets in Brazil. Com eles, or customer does not need direct support of a functionary for registration or payment of purchases, because it allows the consumer itself to process everything quickly and optimally.

According to the president of the Associação Paulista de Supermercados (Apas), Pedro Celso Gonçalves, as lojas-conceito and the most modern supermarkets have gradually introduced this technology. "Normally, I have placed a module of self-service caixas to test the consumer's reaction, or only to expand or expand with more caixas for other places," he explains.

Second Gonçalves, research indicates that about 60% of pessoas do not want to use or self-service, and supermarkets understand that this is a trend for the future. “Or, the investor is investing more and more in the consumer experience, including any mitigation that causes accidents, such as lines and tempo of payment. As with self-checkout, we diminish caixas-rapids a few times varies between 30% and 50%, ”he says.

A Carrefour supermarket network tested, from or past year, this payment system is located in the non-Bairro Jardins council, in São Paulo, which has six self-catering caixas. For a company, or investimento na digital transformation of suas operações tem or objective to offer solutions and services that facilitate two customers every day, that can scan every um two barcodes two products and make or pay via credit card or debit , with limit of athe 15 itens.

Following this tenacity of innovation in purchases, to the supermarket network Pay Less also develop a system of assisted operation with the operator of caixa chamado "Jade", which does not limit the quantity limit. "Or tunnel of 360º lê all the codes that are in esteira and have the capacity to recognize the image of the product, and a bundle of refrigerants has been passed, for example, the face is automatically multiplied", clarifies or IT director of the company Rodrigo Bauer

No experimental project is present in these units of the network, the cities of Nova Odessa and Campinas, or the Peruvian supermarket operates in a more passive way and it hardly verifies if the products are passed correctly. “Or our mechanism can be, five times, faster than conventional. Além disso, at the probability of error and minimum, and we are sure not that it was passed to each purchase ”, declares Bauer, who also points out that the equipment is impressive and attracted attention to the consumer to enter the store.

Another side

For the president of the Trade Union of Food Producers of the State of São Paulo (Sincovaga-SP), Álvaro Furtado, he caixas of self-service and is very longevity of Brazilian reality.

“There is no cultural and financial support initiative. As it is involved in busts, expensive machines and moving in a series of systems, it needs to be endorsed. We know of a semi-economic crisis in the history, and that there is a withdrawal of ganhos, or that there is no tendency to move gança força movement, less hair in curto prazo ”, analisa.

"As companies can resolve to increase or number of equipment daqui, perhaps, five years, as an advancement in the economy and growth of the company and renda", he concluded.

Fonte: http://www.fecomercio.com.br/noticia/supermercados-comecam-a-investir-em-caixas-de-autoatendimento-no-brasil

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