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Self Checkout Schalter

First, Enjoyment Self-Checkout!

Self-Checkout is a technology driven by self-service machines where the customer makes their own purchases, by balancing the selected items and generating the payment, without the need of the conventional box operators. Self-Checkout Schalter offers an intuitive and pleasant interface, a complete solution that offers the best shopping experience for your customer.

Over the years, there is a growing increase in the presence of Self-Checkout technology mainly for establishments where fast boxes are needed, such as: supermarkets, conveniences and various retail segments that have this characteristic. At first there were few companies that invested in this technology, but what these companies did not know is that self-service in supermarket chains would become a trend in innovation and that it would revolutionize the way they relate to their customers.

Companies that have invested in the implementation of Self-Checkout are currently reaping significant results, such as increased sales, attracting new customers through spontaneous media, and competitive differentiation by offering a less bureaucratic and agile service. Another positive aspect of this technology is that it enables the entrepreneur, cost reduction, with the cut of operators and costs with training, recruitment and additional days, greater optimization of space, since the terminals occupy a smaller area of ​​the store and give customers a new option for shopping.

It interested you? These are some of the positive aspects of the implementation, below we will cite some others, which will surely also give you an opportunity to Self-Checkout.

1 - Spontaneous media

From the moment you do the implementation it will attract new customers and media curiosity without having to invest in advertising and advertising. Self Checkout is an attention-grabbing device, making customer life simpler, reducing bureaucracy in many processes. Those who get accustomed to the Self do not return to the traditional POS.

2 - Increase in sales

Stores that implement Self Checkout even increase their sales by approximately 10 to 15% over a period of up to 90 days.

As you have attracted spontaneous media, you have consequently attracted more customers to your store and the chances of these people continuing to buy from you and using the benefits of Self Checkout are very great. Companies that have made Self Checkout a bet and a project sell above 10% increment, post implementation of the equipment in the store.

3 - Decrease in robberies

When the customer is in Self Checkout, passing on his merchandise, he usually has his back to store traffic, that is, he does not have a macro view of the environment. Even if the person intends to take advantage or go in for the purpose of stealing, he does not have the field of vision of the person behind and consequently does not venture to do the act.

And this also applies to some cases of cashier operators practicing the so-called theft in friendship. " That is when the person has a friend with someone who does their shopping in the same establishment and decides to "help" by pretending to have passed the products without beep on the reader. This is a significant part of the store theft statistics. Thing that in self checkout no longer happens.

4 - Team Resizing

For every 4 Selfs Checkouts, only one carrier is required. Bearing in mind that your operation is not yet mature. With the evolution of the process and a more mature operation, it is possible to place a fiscal for approximately 6 boxes. In short, for 6 selfs you will only need one employee!

You can automatically resize your team for lower flow times. It is possible to leave fewer traditional POS open, keeping only one person caring for the self. In this way you can reallocate the professionals to focus on other areas that deserve more attention, for example, control of the products near the expiration date, organization of the shelves, etc.

5 - Reduction of your team

To every 4 selfs, you can replace 10 PDVs from the store. For example, in a supermarket with 50 traditional POSs that resolves to deploy 8 selfs: Once this operation is mature, the establishment can certainly take 20 PDVs, which will be able to serve customers in exactly the same way, without queue and without causing inconvenience.

We bring you more facts, even the retail giant Walmart, which was gradually implementing the service in its stores, now provides the self-service in several units scattered around the world.

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