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Stores without attendants, Processes increasingly agile and Relationship strengthened

Stores without attendants, Processes increasingly agile and Relationship strengthened: Technology (again) making your life easier!
That technology is increasingly present in our daily life and is nothing new. But today you can see the changes she brought and brings, for her life? Regardless of the answer, the fact is that often these "changes" go unnoticed because they are so simple things that we even questioned, never having thought of the idea, such as developing applications for, ordering a Pizza, dialing consultations, buy groceries at the supermarket, request transportation, schedule deliveries, arrange travel ...

It is a fact that the technological universe is a unique world and that its applicabilities are present in all our actions. Another fact is that this subject can render pages and pages of content, so we propose to approach a small part of this world. Dozens of companies around the world have been implementing Autoatendimeto systems in their operations, a technology that has been transforming and facilitating the way companies relate to their customers, excluding processes and reducing costs. A clear example of these changes comes from Amazon, a transnational e-commerce company in the United States.

Amazon launched in 2001 the project, Amazon Go, a kind of grocery store with automated boxes and without human employees.
How it works: Amazon Go offers Amazon Prime members a boxless shopping experience, the process takes place through computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning technologies. Products are detected and placed in a virtual cart as buyers move them to their baskets. Once the purchases are made, consumers can simply leave the store as Amazon charges their Amazon account and sends a receipt by email.
In summary, Amazon Go is the company's business based on physical stores. The customer enters, is recognized, chooses his products and leaves, without going through checkouts.

The project is working so well in the United States that in addition to its three units in Seattle, Amazon Go is also present in Chicago and with units to be opened in New York and San Francisco. The company's goal is to open about 3,000 stores in the United States by 2021.
But what is the reason for such success?

Recently a survey conducted by the State of Service, which approached the theme, Millenial Generation and its Relations with the Market. In this research it was verified that this generation has as consumption characteristic, to avoid whenever possible human contact unnecessary. One of the factors that evidence this data is the delay in solving certain situations, such as buying clothes. According to the survey, 73% of respondents prefer to "chat" with the chat bot to get what they need from the company with which they relate.
We are talking about a generation that is already part of the labor and consumer market. Data indicate that by 2020, 50% of the world labor market will be formed by the Y and Z generations, that is, everything is moving towards a future where communication, technology and practicality will be synonymous with quality relationships. (Note: 20% of Millennials would not buy the product of a brand that did not have service through their preferred channel)

Finally, what we realize is that present and future generations want nothing more, nothing less than the much needed, practicality! Thinking about consumer relations and not thinking about practicality for sure is a serious mistake and often unforgivable by the consumer.
Therefore, the implementation of smart stores with the use of Self-Service Terminals, for example, exclude several factors that adversely affect the customer's buying process.

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