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Intuitive, Visual and Dynamic

In recent years self-service has been the great technological differential for several market segments, as it provides more agility and quality in the customer service process. In addition to being a great marketing strategy to attract inquisitive and loyal customers, self-service technology is an outlet to reduce costs, increase the average ticket, optimize the purchase process and deliver more autonomy for the customer.

According to David Grinberg, director of corporate communications at Arcos Dourados, the largest McDonald's franchise, people want to lead the decision-making process at meal time and when you have a self-service, intuitive, visual and dynamic terminal, the result you get is the significant growth in sales and customer experience.

In a highly competitive setting such as food service, self-service solutions are essential to increase customer convenience, expand market margins, and add value to the business. According to surveys carried out by Schalter customers, a self-service terminal can serve up to four times more customers than an ordinary box, because it delivers more agility in the process.

We elaborate an image to exemplify how the flow of customer service usually happens and how a self-service terminal can give the process more agility.

How it works: Self-service totems have touch screens of various sizes and formats. The consumer can carry out the order itself and view the whole menu, with images and descriptions of each dish, making the payment directly in the machine. Finally, the attendant calls him by name, number of the command or pay, to deliver the request.

For the sake of self-service and its advantages, we list the main benefits of self-service for your company!

1 . Convenience: We believe that it is not enough for a company to deliver your product / service quickly or that the funnel top processes are the only ones well done, the quality and the support also need to be efficient and equally relevant. The current consumer, does not want to make an effort to be well served, he expects, at a minimum, to receive his request in an easy and agile way, which means that the quality of delivery is a great differential.

2. Self-service: Companies are constantly expanding. Its channels of self-service grow every day because it is a real demand. Self-service is still not the majority among Brazilian companies, but a study by Microsoft shows that 98% of Brazilians already expect companies to offer some self-service channel.

3. Real Relationships: The tendency is that there are more and more operators that are forced to real relationships! That is, they will have as their mission and fundamental duty, to know very well the subject they deal with, while technology does the "boring" work, people will be responsible for establishing relationships.

In a survey conducted by American Express Customer Service Barometer, 99% of consumers said that having a satisfactory answer when connected with someone who has knowledge about the subject (98%) are important requirements for a great experience.

4. Marketing as allied to the relationship. In the business world, marketing and relationship will be more and more mixed. This happens as the consumer gains more and more power to spread positive and negative information about companies. Fact that does stress the importance of the company's business discourse being aligned with its on and off-line attitudes.

5. Proactivity. This aspect is considered as differential mainly when we talk about assistance. Those who want to differentiate themselves in the market need to reach out to their customer with the solution before he notices the problem. A study by Ameyo shows some statistical advantages of proactive service, with consumer loyalty and reduction in the number of calls.

It gives us Schalter idealize, plan, prototype and execute with our customers, solutions that in fact make them have expressive results in all topics presented. Comprehensive self-service solutions that enable our customers to satisfy their customers, from receiving their demand, to analyzing the delivery of relevant data, making the user experience unique.