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Cacau Show, Schalter e Lexsis Sistemas - Uma parceria de sucesso!

The Cocoa Show opened its first store in 2001 and in seven years was already one of the largest fine chocolate chain stores in the world. With over 2,000 stores across the country and five major factories, the Cacau Show today is responsible for producing 12,000 tons of chocolates per year.

From the beginning of its operations, Cacau show has always presented an innovative profile. Aware of market trends, in recent years the company has continued to innovate, now with the implementation of Schalter Self-Service Terminals in its operations. With the acquisition of Quick Service 32 "model terminals and software from Lexsis Sistemas, Cacau Show stores, which today are considered a reference for the market, are offering more technology, quality and efficiency in their sales process.

The partnership Schalter and Lexsis came about a year and a half ago with the implementation of a project in a food chain in the gaucho market and gained national visibility for its composition of stability, quality and reliability. Lexsis is a technology-focused company that has worked in systems development and consulting for more than 22 years. It has hundreds of projects implemented in different segments such as manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, hotel service, bars, restaurants. , commerce, among others.

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