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Self Checkin

Schalter lança primeiro totem de check-in brasileiro para hotéis na feira Equipotel

Schalter, in partnership with PC Systems, a company that for 25 years offers software solutions for the hotel industry, based in downtown Rio de Janeiro, brought to Equipotel, an event that took place in September in São Paulo, the first Brazilian terminal. self-service check-in facilities. Schalter as a supplier specializing in technology solutions is responsible for project development. PC Systems was responsible for developing the software to compose the self-check-in solution.

Similar to the self-service totems found in theaters, Express Self Check-in allows the guest, via touchscreen technology, to choose the language, access their reservation and set their preferences within the hotel unit. This done, the key card is issued, eliminating the need for queues and check in at reception.

“The technology also represents cost savings for the business, as the totem meets the guest efficiently and quickly. Equipment does not go on vacation, does not cause labor problems, does not articulate fraud, does not have salaries or even thirteenth. At the current juncture in the country, increased productivity is a key issue for hotel survival, ”explains Luiz Mario Pedrozo, executive director of PC Systems.

According to Pedrozo, the idea was inspired by the hotels in Europe, which already make use of the facility. “We have been working on the project for about two years. We chose Schalter as the hardware provider for the company's history and consolidated quality across the country, ”explains the director.

Express Self Check-in communicates with other hotel systems, provided communication is properly configured. Hotels that do not have systems can also make use of the solution. The totem only issues the apartment key when it exactly fits the definition of the reservation. Does not allow upgrade or downgrade. The key is engraved according to the safety standard of the lock system manufacturer. Information such as check-in and check-out times is also recorded on the key card, ensuring accurate booking without manipulation.

The totem follows in principle the preferences set by the guest, issuing the key of the apartment indicated in the reservation, if previously chosen. If there is more than one apartment that fits the customer's information, the system will assign the least used UH in order to homogenize the wear of the hotel apartments. The system can also be integrated with Booking.com, allowing the manager to align renevue management strategies.

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