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Self Checkout, more technology in your supermarket!

Self Checkout Schalter has been gaining more and more space in the supermarket segment.

Seeking more and more technology comes innovation, we launched the option of integration CFM (Closed Circuit Monitoring), in the line of Self Checkout. This solution will provide customers with greater security of service availability. CFM is composed of a camera that performs filming, which is displayed in real time on the display located on Self Checkout itself, making the operation even safer.

The Mambo supermarket chain pioneered the implementation of this solution, currently four of its stores already have Self Checkout Express models and the System TS model with CFM!

On August 9, 2019, the Pátio Gourmet chain, belonging to the Nova Era group, inaugurated its newest unit - Morada do Sol, in Manaus / AM. With the concept and different environment, the group is offering in this unit, more technology and innovation through CFM Self Checkout Expres terminals, thinking of the convenience of the consumer!

This new unit of Pátio Gourmet comes with the concept of supermarket therapy, ie more than shopping, the proposal is to make going to the supermarket a pleasant consumer experience, with personalized service, differentiated services, quality products and industry news. of food.

Self Checkout Schalter terminals are designed to offer a solution that follows the evolution of the consumer profile, ensuring that users have the best experience and agility in the payment process. Already for the supermarket represents the provision of better service, combined with reduced operating costs.

“According to data from the Bahian Association of Supermarkets (Abase), the implementation of Self Checkout terminals reduces the waiting time in line by up to 30%, in addition to offering more autonomy to customers. "