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Self-Service Totems in the Food Sector

While the industry, agriculture and many other sectors are catching on year by year, it is not difficult even today to find restaurants that work in exactly the same way they operated 20 years ago.

The customer places the order with the waiter, the waiter takes the order on paper, takes it to the kitchen, cook prepares the dish, the order is delivered by the waiter, the dish is consumed by the customer, the customer asks for the bill, pays and goes though. History end.

In recent years, the food industry, like everyone else, has increasingly seen the value of using technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of its business.

Customer Experience
Today we see a number of solutions focused on this industry: financial, inventory, sales, online ordering, loyalty applications, customer wifi, self-service on digital menus or totems. All with the goal of optimizing resources and making the restaurant operator's day-to-day life easier so he can focus on the focus of his business, which is the customer experience! That's right, the restaurant's focus is no longer on food alone but its customer.

Trend for restaurants

When we talk about trends, we are talking about focusing on delighting the customer! And for this it is not enough to serve only good food. Especially in such a busy industry, customers are increasingly demanding and seeking impeccable experiences in every detail.

And that's where technology comes in to help, according to NRA data among the technologies deemed most important to purchase in the coming years, 37 percent refer to customer orders, 25 percent to loyalty programs, and 25 more. % on means of payment.

And indeed it is this movement that we already see consolidated in the international market. In the US, for example, virtually all major networks already operate with self-service totems, digital menus, or ordering applications. The same is true of loyalty and reward programs through applications. And virtual wallets for payment are also becoming increasingly common, especially in markets such as China and Japan.

Here in Brazil, payment and loyalty applications have been gaining space even modestly, even by a limitation of smartphone use by the population (here in Brazil about 60% of the population has a smartphone, in the US and Europe this number 80%), but when it comes to customer orders, we have seen considerable growth over the past year, especially with the use of self-service totems in large networks such as Mc Donald's, Madero, Bob's, among others.

For restaurants that do not follow the Fast Food or Fast Casual line, the option that has been gaining space and customer acceptance are the digital menus on tablets, which allow a more agile and error-free service, with customization and allowing the waiter Become a house consultant, delighting the client with good service.

The fact is, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is still a lot of good to come to improve the customer's consumer experience and the question is: how are you planning to use technology and improve your business?