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Novembro Azul - Conscientização Para o Tratamento do Câncer de Próstata

November is marked by awareness of prostate cancer and information on prevention and encouragement of tests that identify or emerge from this disease.

Check out some important information that Schalter selects for you to be aware of the risks and to know how to prevent.

Prostate cancer

World Prostate Cancer Day takes place on November 17, and with that in mind, Australia created the November Blue movement in 2003. Note the importance of awareness, slowly, or the rest of the world adhering to the campaign.

Specifically in Brazil, this is the second type of cancer that affects men the most - it only loses to the skin. Moreover, in the general picture, it is the fourth that most affects the Brazilian population.

In fact, according to data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA), there were 70,000 new cases in the country. Regarding deaths, more than 15 thousand were recorded in 2017 alone.

Despite these numbers, the prejudice with the touch exam is still present in society, making the search for preventive exams more difficult. That's why Blue November's campaigns are so important.

Understand the disease

In general, the development of prostate cancer is usually diagnosed in people over 65 years of age. Thus, it is recommended that tests begin at 50 for those who do not have a history of illness in the family and 45 for those who have already suffered from the disease.
Avoidance, as no symptoms are common in recent cases. During development, watch for common prostate growth, causing difficulty urinating and decreasing the frequency of bathroom trips. Cancer is divided into four periods:

Not detectable by touch;

Detectable by touch, but still inside the prostate;

It has reached seminal vesicles;

spread to the surroundings like rectum, bladder and even bones

In addition to genetic predisposition, habits such as eating fatty foods, alcoholism, smoking, physical inactivity and overuse may contribute to the onset of prostate cancer.

Once diagnosed, some of the procedures are taken, including tumor removal surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - depending on the severity of the case.

Now that you know all about November Blue, be sure to schedule your visit to the doctor!