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O autoatendimento no varejo já é realidade no Brasil

Much is said about e-commerce technology and how it is revolutionizing the way consumers behave. But what about innovation for physical stores and how it can affect the way we consume in traditional retail? Retail self-service has arrived a little shy in Brazil, but it is already gaining adherents in all regions of the country.

Through a study by Croma Solutions, it was found that more than 60% of Brazilians already prefer self-service when leaving supermarkets, which should become popular by 2019 in the country. Referring as the main innovation for the branch. In addition to self-service, applications were also mentioned in the survey to help store choice and new payment methods, such as wearable technology.

In the United States, self-service has been widely used in supermarkets for a few years, but only now is it coming to Brazil. Perhaps the insecurity of the Brazilian consumer to use credit cards on a machine is the reason, but the popularization of internet shopping and data security policies are making this scenario change. The new system is already a hit in the country among young people who are increasingly connected to their smartphones and is now gaining fans among adults and even seniors.

One of the advantages of self-service totems, which is already well established in airlines, is the ability to be bilingual (and even multilingual!). Another positive point that should be highlighted is the agility and reduction of queues when it comes to paying for purchases, there are surveys that point to a 20% gain in time with this type of technology. Not to mention that the novelty can attract curious looks to the establishment and, consequently, convert sales!

The biggest challenge of this type of technology is deployment, as it requires planning and integration with other retail systems and software. In addition to educating and encouraging the customer to opt for this type of exit, instead of the traditional cashier with an attendant, since the lack of confidence on the part of the consumer can be a hindrance to the success of the novelty. Technology is increasingly allied in transforming the common activities of our routine, just knowing how to use it for the benefit of all.

Source: Nexera Group | Blog - By: Nataska Souza

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