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7 motivos para investir em Totens de Autoatendimento

1 - Optimization in stock control
Controlling your inventory with paper and pen is not a thing of the past and often ineffective. In self-service systems that have integration with inventory control, the entrepreneur has an easy time closing cash, complete spreadsheets, updated inventory in real time and control of daily sales.

 2 - Waiting time
There was a time when queuing and overcrowding was synonymous with "quality". Today, the delay in service is proportional to the degree of consumer dissatisfaction, bringing a bad reputation to the establishment. An effective self-service system provides service to a greater number of people in a shorter period of time, with a lower error rate.
It is estimated that using a self-service terminal in the simple tokens system, the consumer will be able to complete their purchase in less than 30 seconds. This agility leads to customer satisfaction, reduces queues and consequently increases the conversion into sales.
3 - Ease in the promotions catalog
In totems you can intuitively present to customers catalogs of promotions and the benefits of investing in customized combos. This increases the company's sales, adds value to your business and ensures greater versatility in the food and / or service menu.
4 - Technological update
Digital totems add value to your business. To be ahead in the market is a widespread desire, however few companies are actually able to modernize. Self-service totems are a great option to convey a modern, safe and technological image to consumers.

5 - Increase in customer consumption and turnover
The agility of the service and the reduction of queues mean that customers are satisfied and automatically consume more. This loyalty is positive for the institutional image of the brand and for the project's cash flow.

6 - Cost reduction

Most of these costs come from exorbitant human resources and payroll expenses. Digital totems can help the entrepreneur to cut and optimize some of these costs. With the addition of the totem for sale of tokens and inventory control the company can reduce its staff and reallocate workers to perform more complex and personalized functions. Technology combined with good service ensures customer satisfaction and substantial savings for the entrepreneur.

7 - Investment

When it comes to putting the investment with the purchase or rental of a totem at the tip of the pencil, it is easy to see the short-term financial benefits. The expense generated with installation and adhesion of the plans is lower than the payroll expenses. The investment in machinery is quickly recovered due to the practicality and improvement of services in the enterprise.