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Self-Service Kiosk! Energisa implements Mini Digital Agencies project

Energisa, one of the main private groups in the electricity sector in Brazil, has as one of its main values, simplifying the lives of its customers, constantly seeking excellence. In 2018, the company carried out a thorough field research in four different states in Brazil (São Paulo, Tocantins, Mato Grosso and Paraíba) in which more than 800 customers were interviewed to understand their lifestyle, their relationship with locals and payment methods and with the Energisa brand.

From this research, the project “Payment Journey” was born, an initiative that aims to deliver agile and definitive solutions in serving its customers. The main objective of the project is to migrate the largest portion of the service to both payment and service to digital channels. The company understood that the main point to start this digital relationship was within its branches, where there is still a great demand from customers looking for human service. This volume, which requires human effort to provide services, provides ample opportunity for the migration of these customers to digital services.

The strategy adopted was the implementation of a solution focused on self-service terminals (totems) within the branches, directing customers who need to deal with services for services available on the totems, without having to pick up a service password, making customers' lives easier, instructing and showing that both on totems, at its branches or other commercial points, as well as on the Energisa App, or on the website, it is easy to solve your demands with less effort, more comfort and agility.

In addition, the strategy makes it possible to reduce operating costs, waste resources, improve agility and quality in meeting demands. For the success of the solution, a publicity campaign was adopted through the “Agência Rápida Energisa” concept, which directs the message in a way that

ruin the perception of the equipment as a close, safe and easy alternative.

To meet these objectives, Schalter Tecnologia was hired to develop the technologies used in the complete solution. For this purpose, we designed a self-service terminal with a proprietary design for Energisa, as well as the applications, with the services most sought by customers, in addition to payment system. The application developed for self-service terminals was accessible and intuitive, ensuring operation for different groups of customers, especially for those who will have on the totem the beginning of a digital relationship with the Energisa brand.

In addition to hardware and software projects, Schalter has provided and / or will provide transport, installation, warranty and technical assistance services ON SITE, SAAS (Software As A Service), VPN service for the traffic of financial transactions with Acquiring Networks and 1st and 2nd level Help Desk services.

The self-service terminal developed seeks to act as a digital mini-agency within Energisa physical branches and in commercial points, it will allow customers not only to pay, but also the other physical agency services, where the consumer can resolve most issues related to the account light quickly and efficiently, at extended hours and close to home.

The Energisa totem will help to evolve in capillarity and efficiency, and for that will be available in several and varied points. In this first phase, the solution will be available in eight states (MG, MS, MT, PB, RJ, SE, SP and TO), of the eleven in which the company operates.

About Energisa Group

The Energisa Group has electricity distribution as the main base of its business. It currently controls eleven electricity distributors in Brazil, in the states of Paraíba, Sergipe, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins, São Paulo, Paraná, Rondônia and Acre, providing services to approximately 7, 7 million customers, reaching around 20 million people.