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Autoatendimento Fast-food Ollis Burger!  

Ollis Burger, in addition to demonstrating that it is connected to consumer trends, stands out in the segment by offering its customers a modern and differentiated environment, with a vast menu of burgers, Steaks, drinks and Combos, all aligned with technology self-service.

With the purchase of the self-service totems, model Quick Service 32 ”, Ollis Burger offers a new experience when the customer orders their meals, offering a digital menu with a very well designed and dynamic layout, delivering more agility and convenience in payment.

“It is very gratifying to find innovative companies, linked to the latest worldwide trends in friendly service, these are the companies that Schalter seeks to partner to generate a long-term relationship, this way we achieve our purpose, which is to satisfy its customers. ”Argues Schalter's CEO, @Valtuir.

Self-service solutions such as Cardápio Digital have been delivering several benefits to establishments in the Food segment, making environments more modern, offering convenience and agility, essential items when it comes to fast restaurants.

Welcome, Ollis!

The Quick Service 32 self-service totems have a 32-inch touch screen, high resolution multi touch screen and optional peripherals such as a Camera, Pinpad and Printer.

Our purpose is to help our customers satisfy their customers, through complete self-service solutions.