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Self-Checkout UNA

Schalter launches the first national Self Checkout within the concept of store of the future, based on Omnichannel

After conducting an extensive study, based on the needs of its customers and the trends of the international market, Schalter
Tecnologia, a national manufacturer of equipment for self-service solutions, launched this month the UNA Self Checkout line.

The new Self Checkout has some structural differences, its structure is smaller to serve retail that space savings are important. The innovative solution, presented in this new line, combines design with the international trend of simple and low cost solutions.

The simple and practical design of the Self Checkout UNA, incorporates the main peripherals for a complete self-service retail solution, ideal for medium and small markets, convenience stores or store models of the future, based on Omnichannel (Integrated platform that involves physical store, e-commerce, application and infocommercial).

This new Self line will complement the other two Self Checkout lines that the company has been producing since 2016, aimed at medium and large retail chains.

The company's Self Checkouts models differ mainly in the concept of complete and combined product, “single module”, following the concept of international manufacturers, in addition to providing the most complete solutions on the market, being the only national manufacturer that has Self Checkouts the CFM solution (Closed Monitoring Circuit).

According to the CEO, Valtuir Fraga Caetano, “Schalter considered a national reference in self-service solutions, also stands out as one of the main national suppliers of Self Checkout, our products are robust, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding companies, we can guarantee that Self Checkout UNA has the best national cost-benefit ratio, besides that, technically, Self Checkout UNA is able to compete with equipment in investment ranges higher than yours. ”

About self-checkout

Self-Checkout is the generic name given to self-service terminals for commercial purchasing operations in retail chains. They are equipment that allows the customer to register their purchase, scan the barcode of the products, package the items and make the payment. payment autonomously and without the intervention of a cashier.

How it works:

I. The customer chooses the product in the store;
II. Go to Self Checkout;
III. Place the products or the shopping basket on the side table;
IV. Through scanners using bar codes, it identifies products;
V. The monitor displays the registered items where the customer can check his purchases;
SAW. Items are stored on the bag table as they are scanned;
VII. The equipment validates the registered products with the packaged products, if there is a discrepancy the equipment does not allow the purchase to be closed;
VIII. The customer finalizes the purchase and makes the payment via credit or debit card;
IX. At the end of the transaction, the tax receipt of the purchase is issued.

About Schalter:

Schalter is a national manufacturer and supplier of self-service and special CPU solutions (Mini PC, Thin Client, POS). It provides a wide range of products and services, ranging from hardware sales, software licensing to provision and related services, such as: Implementation, support and technical assistance ON SITE, remote monitoring, equipment rental and outsourcing.

The experience of 29 years of experience in the development, manufacture and commercialization of electronic products, allowed Schalter to obtain knowledge and credibility to offer customized solutions for companies in different sectors and which are in different stages of development and size.

Schalter is currently present with its products in all states of Brazil, in ten countries in Latin America, the United States and the Philippines.

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