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Entenda a importância do atendimento no mundo dos negócios

Quality service can build customer loyalty and improve results. Check out the trends for 2018 and learn what to do to benefit from it.

One of the prime points for a company's success is customer service. Relationship with customers is essential for the consumer to be focused on the company's strategies, making it increasingly gaining space.

With that in mind, we created a list that helps you understand the importance of care. Learn what your business can do to improve customer relationships:

1) Convenience

It's not enough for your business to answer fast. Support also needs to be efficient. By 2017, consumers no longer want to strive to be well served. He actually expects to receive things easily, which makes the quality of the delivery of a request a huge differentiator.

2) Self Service

By 2018, companies are expected to expand self-service channels because there is a perception that this is a real demand. Self-service is not yet dominant among Brazilian companies, but a Microsoft study shows that 98% of Brazilians already expect companies to offer some self-service channel.

3) Real Relationships

The tendency is that there are more and more empowered operators for real relations, who will know the subject very well. While technology does the boring job, people will make relationship.

In a survey by American Express, Customer Service Barometer, 99% of consumers said that having a satisfactory answer or being connected with someone who has knowledge of the subject (98%) are important requirements for a great experience.

4) Relationship marketing

In business, marketing and relationship will be increasingly merged. This happens as consumers are increasingly empowered to spread positive and negative information about companies.

5) Proactivity

Another differential will be proactivity in care. Anyone who wants to differentiate in 2017 needs to come to their customer with the solution before they realize the problem.

A study by Ameyo shows some statistical advantages of proactive care. Consumer loyalty can increase from 3% to 5%, for example. In addition, there is also a reduction in the number of calls, as it becomes possible to identify problems more quickly and solve them more efficiently.

Source: Brasil Econômico - iG