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Self-service as a strategic resource, to minimize the impacts of Covid-19, no varejo

The significant changes that retail has been going through in recent years, with the aim of adapting to the new consumer profile and generating competitive differential, are being driven by the pandemic. More than ever, it is necessary for the segment to find alternatives to adapt to the situation, as well as providing security to its audiences.

Despite the increase in online shopping, the relationship between people and face-to-face consumption remains strong and establishments need to be attentive and strictly follow the preventive measures to Covid-19, in order to offer security and tranquility to their staff and customers.

In addition to sanitation, establishments need to avoid crowding at checkout counters and counters, as well as signaling the necessary distance in various ways. One of the solutions to minimize the risks, comes through the implementation of self-service systems.

When implementing the solution, the establishments reduce human contact, streamlining the purchase and consultation processes and consequently ending long lines, bringing more tranquility to their customers and employees.

With the implementation of self-service totems, in addition to offering competitive advantages, it is an important resource in this moment of retail in quarantine, because when installed in establishments, they stand out as an option to keep some services running, offering a safe way to purchase and payment.

As it is an equipment that is easy to clean and has a module for fixing alcohol dispensers in gel, the Schalter self-service totems contribute to minimizing the chances of contamination by COVID-19.

In the supermarket segment, for example, there is the possibility of installing more service stations. When implementing self-checkout equipment, your establishment speeds up the departure of customers, reducing the waiting time in the queue by up to 30%, generating greater fluidity within the establishment, minimizing the risks of contamination.

Depending on the size of your establishment, instead of two conventional boxes, up to 6 terminals, Express model and up to 8 UNA models can be placed.

When implementing a solution with self-service totems, your company must make an in-depth analysis of the current infrastructure and at what points it contributes to an adequate service to this reality. Then, the company must develop an action plan and seek solutions that meet them, so that they optimize the results even in a crisis situation.