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Lojas 3 Passos, considered one of the largest departmental chains in the South of the Country, aiming to improve customer service, has joined Schalter's BlackCyber ​​Thin Clients line. The equipment responsible for collecting the data of the goods that leave the tax coupon will control the pre-sales area of ​​the 61 stores in the network. According to Rafael Dalmolin, Network Support Analyst, the machines are reliable and modern and are able to stay connected between 10 to 12 hours a day

Other features of thin clients that attracted the network were durability, low maintenance and low power consumption. These requirements deliver to the company over time, cost savings and more process effectiveness. Thins Clients significantly eliminated the workforce in the sales area without harming customer service.

Schalter's Blackcyber line is integrated by two products: the Mini PC and the Thin Client. With low power consumption and high graphics performance, the Mini PC takes up small spaces, connectivity to connect peripherals, runs 3D applications, making it an ideal solution for applications that need a better balance between CPU and multimedia performance, such as supermarkets, retail stores, offices, hospitals among others.

This unprecedented level of graphic integration brings a new face for delivery of high performance multimedia content in a small format and an energy efficient platform for a wide range of projects.

The Blackcyber Schalter Thin Client is a versatile, high-performance, cost-effective product. Inserted within the client / server architecture, it replaces the traditional desktop microcomputers, being considered the biggest evolution for this architecture.