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Schalter is also present at Dália Alimentos, a company that operates in the pork and milk production chains of Rio Grande do Sul. EasyWEB Slim self-service terminals have been installed, which will serve to facilitate the dissemination of information to employees regarding purchases made by the company. card CrediCompras Dahlia in supermarkets, pharmacies, dairy farms Food, in addition to electronic point information.

According to Rodrigo Werner, IT supervisor, providing information to employees in an agile and secure manner was always a necessity of the Cooperative and Dália saw in Schalter the necessary trust and expertise to meet all necessary requirements. In addition to the same argues that Schalter presents equipment quality, cutting-edge technology and mainly reliability.

- The self-service terminals were installed in our supermarket located in Encantado, and also in Arroio do Meio, both cities located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul -