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The Café Gaucha of Coffee and Gastronomy Z Café also has Schalter self-service terminals!

The Quick Service 18 Terminals have brought differentiation to the business through efficient and agile service. You can find the terminal in the Tecnopuc unit, where the "Takeaway" store model works. The idea of ​​mr. Carlo Zanette, the owner of the Z Café network, bought Schalter products and offered customers the freedom to pick up their food and beverages in refrigerators and counters and then pay.

The self-service terminals are designed to meet Z Café's needs to make the order and make payments. This process not only impacts the agility of service and the reduction of queues, it also offers the consumer the possibility to choose how he would like to be served, cash or self-service.

According to Carlo Zanette, there is also another important benefit for the network, which is to be able to sell products at different times of day or night without the need to have an attendant since the terminals are installed in a commercial building. This can also lead to increased product sales for convenience and opportunity. In this sense, we will be offering our products 24 hours a day.

Carlos still comments that the main factor for Schalter's choice as a supplier was the ability to customize the projects. According to it, most companies are plastered when it comes to customization. Because they had to have bar codes in food and drinks, the structure of the terminals often needs to be adapted. As soon as Schalter was able to meet its needs, it was possible to develop the partnership.

The development of stores in Takeaway format, are results of the change of consumer profile that demands faster and efficient attendance. We are sure that self-service terminals under any context of time optimization and increased customer satisfaction are relevant investments and should be looked at favorably.