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Since 2010, through a public bid, Schalter started to provide the EasyWEB self-service terminals and now with the model Quick Service 32”. Overall, 62 self-service terminals were acquired to internal and external applications with the potential to purchase more than 1000 units.

The EasyWEB model was acquired and installed on the distributors to disseminate information to employees as, for example, which box park the truck, how much fuel to put, where to deliver the freight, among other information.

The Quick Service 32” were acquired with the intention to be used on the BR Mania convenience stores for media functions, disclosure of information and sale of products without the need of and attendant.

This self-service project has national impact because was strategically placed in different states. The benefits go further the process automatization and the client interactivity. It represents the change on the purchase behavior and the intention of the organization to be next to it’s consumer.