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Cacau Show

Aware of market trends, in recent years Cacau Show continues to innovate and stand out in its segment, and we at Schalter are proud to be part of this story.

In 2019, we entered into a major partnership with the franchise network and began to offer the full design and technology of our Schalter 32-inch Quick Service self-service totem poles, which will be implemented in all chain stores, making it easier for customers to sale and consultation operations.
Serious relationship!

Currently, Cacau Show is the third best-selling in the country, with 10.5% market share, according to Euromonitor International, and has more than 2,300 units in Brazil. The Mega Loja, inaugurated this year in Porto Alegre, is part of a project Cocoa Show to open 25 style units in shopping centers in the country, all with the technology of self-service totems!