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Since opening its first store in January 2011, Bacio de Latte gelateria has not stopped growing. Currently the company has 150 points of sale throughout the country (between stores and kiosks) always preserving its craft style and careful in the daily production of gelato.

With the increase in the number of stores, it was necessary for Bacio di Latte to seek more effective customer service solutions, and it was through self-service that the company found the means to maintain and even improve the quality standard in customer service.

The software solution developed by our partner Stoq, available in our Self Service Totem poles, Quick Service model 32 ”, gives Bacio customers more ease, agility and autonomy when choosing and paying for the product, all through An attractive and easy-to-use interface.

Implementing the self-service system has changed not only the operator experience but also the consumer experience, which today completes the entire purchasing process in less than 20 seconds.

About the market

Recent studies show that self-service provides a 15 to 30 percent increase in sales. This is largely related to the ability for consumers to optimize their order more quickly and efficiently. Totems can also suggest products, with ads, and suggest purchases from system information.

Much more than just a marketing gimmick or a way of bringing modernity to your self-service provides your business to increase sales revenue and reduce operating costs.