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Schalter maintains a strong partnership with Cooperativa Santa Clara, the oldest dairy in the country. Currently, we are the Thin Clients, installed in front of the Cooperativa supermarket boxes. The equipment replaces the PCs of the stores, assisting in the sales processes and the daily routines of the boxes.

By being compatible with the client / server architecture, Thin Clients allow the use of compact CPUs, with integrated processing to the network, thus generating economies of scale, greater security of the applications and agility in the management of all the users.

The decision to opt for Schalter's technology relied on a number of factors. According to Daniel Misturini, IT manager of the Cooperative. our products have been chosen because they are more robust, better resistant to the conditions of use, have a lower hardware cost, and are compatible with Linux, the operating system used by the company in front of the boxes.

Schalter is also present through the Self-Service Terminals, developed with a totally modular structure, aiming to make available to the clients and associates of the supermarket headquarters credit limit queries.