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Centro Clínico Gaúcho

Clients from the Gaúcho Clinical Center have been using the services provided by our self-service terminals. The investment was made with the purpose of providing products and services using technology and providing speed and reduced costs. Overall, 38 terminals will be installed in all the units of the company, which is present in eight cities in Rio Grande do Sul, with 18 in-house quick-service units.

According to Renato Kleppe, IT manager, “the purpose of the equipment is to provide greater flexibility and efficiency in services for scheduling and canceling appointments.  Another important issue is providing safety, but also access to all the beneficiaries of the Gaúcho Clinical Center using a tool that is user-friendly and simple. It is also quick and safe for scheduling appointments in addition to saving time with a unique channel.”

The use of the terminals by the Clinical Center represents the organization’s concern with staying up to date with the technology that is increasingly widespread today. The technological resources provided by the self-service terminals will enable the company to develop and present new services, thus gaining more opportunities in the market.

Equally important, when talking about self-service, is supplier qualification. In a market with underlying opportunities and suppliers with a range of qualifications, it has become important to study the options for reducing the risks of investing in low-cost equipment, but which also have few benefits. This aspect was decisive in choosing Schalter as a hardware provider, since it has operated in the automation market for 26 years and the quality of their products has been attested by numerous clients who are users of self-service terminals. This factor was decisive, according to Renato Kleppe, for choosing the supplier - “We found in Schalter a connection in service that provided safety in addition to ease at the time of negotiation. Another essential point was the quality of the equipment, an aspect that we need to value in order to guarantee appropriate services provided to our clients”.