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The health sector includes hospital institutions, clinics, and other organizations involved with heath. The main characteristic of this segment is the need to attend to patients in a complete, objective and more convenient way. Moreover, it involves scheduling appointments, printing bills of pay, printing prescriptions and certificates, appointments, cancellations and appointment payments, in addition to access to benefits that institutions provide.

All of these aspects can be completed at the self-service terminals. Schalter has clients that demand solutions to meet these kinds of situations. In this context, it is important to analyze the importance of the aspect of convenience for organizations of this segment.

Whether in services in hospitals or appointments in clinics, many points of the process can be optimized, thus generating greater convenience for patients. In this aspect, the terminals represent another option for completing various activities that before would be a frequently bureaucratic and lengthy process. The impact on client satisfaction is considerable to the extent in which the institution offers a more objective, quick, standardized channel with low rates of errors and complaints.

Schalter has success stories in this segment that validate their know-how in offering personalized solutions. It currently serves one the largest hospital systems in Brazil through 79 terminals. Not to mention the hospitals and clinics spread across several states with a strong regional presence.