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The industrial segment presents interesting peculiarities with regard to the application of self-service technologies. The vast majority of the industries present large cadres of employees, which means that the demands of human resources, such as consultation of hours, hours of work, vacations, bus schedules, appointments of medical consultations among many other possibilities, are very constant.

To meet the needs of this segment, our self-service query terminals are the most appropriate solution. This is because, when investing in self-service terminals, the company tends to present significant results, be they time or financial, and this is due to the reallocation of professionals to more strategic functions that require extra attention. Therefore, to invest in Schalter products means to take a strategic attitude to avoid costs and waste of skilled labor, which involves the expansion of the human resources department, giving employees in this area, focus on their most important activities.

Schalter serves clients of national expression, who have acquired our equipment and today already reap significant results. One of our cases comes from the company WEG, a Brazilian multinational that is among the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world.

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