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The industrial sector presents particular characteristics that are interesting regarding the application of self-service technologies.  Due to the majority of the organizations with extensive personnel, the demands on issues involving the human resources department also end up being proportionally extensive. The demands of these organizations usually include: paycheck searches, bank of hours, vacation, consulting bus schedules, scheduling medical appointments, among a variety of other possibilities.

To correspond to the needs of this segment, a self-service terminal for consultations is the most appropriate solution. The gains of an industrial company upon investing in self-service equipment tend to be expressive, precisely due to the high usage. This type of investment is usually a strategic maneuver to avoid costs that involve the broadening of the human resources department, allowing employees from this area to focus on their more important activities.

Schalter attends to clients on a national level who have installed equipment acquired by various units and sectors of the company. One of the success stories is WEB, a Brazilian multinational that represents one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers in the world. The Company acquired 20 units of terminals for consultations.