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Renting Schalter equipment is one of the modalities that guarantees the client access to the newest technology in self-service terminals, checkouts, self-checkouts, thin clients, digital signage and special CPUs, for periods of 24 to 36 months.

* Available only in Brazil.

In addition to the guarantee of technologically updated products for the renting period, your company has the following benefits:

Tax deduction

During the contract period, the products are in the name of Schalter and are not part of the client’s assets, enabling a full deduction in taxes for the rental service value and on the CSSL (Social Contribution on Profits). Moreover, renting does not constitute a debt in the company’s balance sheet, and so, the main financial indicators used by the market analysts (debt/liquidity) remain intact, making it easier to obtain future credit in the market.

Reduced Taxes

Reduction in the amounts to be paid in other taxes and contributions, mainly PIS/Cofins; 

Facilitated Exchange/Upgrade

Over the course of the contract period, the client can request an upgrade or change the equipment, with the costs of this operation and of the new products rented being integrated to the new contract and paid in installments;

Reduced Expenses

The expenses with equipment maintenance are the responsibility of the Rental Company, reducing expenses with technical assistance, asset control and purchasing processes;

Flexibility, Practicality and Security

It does away with the need for mediators in the negotiations. It is definitively the best financial solution for implementations of complete systems that include the acquisition of hardware, software and IT services.


Schalter is responsible for the risks resulting from the right to ownership (obsolescence, technology, sales market, etc.), in addition to providing technical assistance, equipment repairs and periodic revisions, with no extra cost to the client.


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