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You are focused on your business and Schalter provides the means necessary for this to happen. This is the vision of Schalter on outsourcing.

We offer our know-how and specialization in the areas of self-service terminals, service management (line control), checkouts, thin clients, industrial and corporate mini PCs and digital signage, enabling our client to focus their efforts on their “core business”, thus obtaining better quality in their services, at a lower cost.

* Available only in Brazil.


Outsourcing services include:

Hardware - Defined together with the client in order to meet the needs of the application.

Software - Available solutions can be configured according to the need of the application of the client or even develop a specific application.

Maintenance - Through a RNSS - National Network of Schalter Services, with national coverage, we maintain a hardware and software solution in full operation.

Remote monitoring - Through specialized software, we monitor the contracted machine park, with online monitoring of each piece of equipment.


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