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Support and Technical Assistance


With trained professionals, Schalter provides support for its entire line of products.

Based on more than 28 years of knowledge in the market, Schalter is able to handle a wide variety of situations, from everyday technical doubts to specific customizations, as requested by clients.

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RNSS - the National Network of Schalter Services is present in all capitals and in the major Brazilian cities, guaranteeing constant operation of the products acquired by our clients.

Modern training techniques keep the team constantly qualified. Through BPP - Bank of Parts and Pieces, maintained with our certified technicians, the products that eventually have problems will have their maintenance carried out quickly, since the necessary part will be near where the product is installed.

Using call management systems, the entire service process is monitored, from opening to closing of the technical call. This monitoring is done independently, as well as the Technical Assistance contracts.

Our clients are offered services of Maintenance Contracts, with various part coverage options and SLAs.

Contact telephone: +55 (51) 3346 3990

E-mail: suporte@schalter.com.br

How can I send a product that does not have an on-site guarantee for guaranteed maintenance?

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) - Schalter Eletrônica Ltda. For products with a guarantee:

The process of sending the equipment that is damaged within the guarantee period should follow the steps described below.

1st. Send an email to the technical support area - suporte1@schalter.com.br. It should include:

a) Write in the email subject - RMA;

b) Attach the copy of the purchase invoice for the product with the problem;

c) Enter the series number of the product that has the problem;

d) Describe in details the flaw presented in the product;

e) Enter your contact information - Contact name, telephone and email,

2nd. Schalter will send the authorization to ship the product with the following information:

a) Model for which the invoice is issued in order to send the product (Shipment for maintenance within guarantee or product return);

b) General guidelines about returning all items that are included in the product and the packaging precautions;

c) Other rules for RMA;

d) Indication of carrier authorized to remove the product, with CIF freight; (In the guarantee, some companies have an agreement with the Postal Service with freight paid by the manufacturer);

e) Enter the RMA number that should be in the body of the invoice issued, to facilitate the identification of the product and its entry to the support area in Schalter.

How can I send a product for maintenance outside of the guarantee period?

Schalter products outside of the guarantee period should be fixed by certified technicians in their region or sent directly to Schalter. To obtain information on a technical partner in your region, request this information by email to suporte@schalter.com.br or through telephone +55 (51) 3346 3990.

The products should obligatorily be send with the invoice, with the nature of the Shipment operation for maintenance. A budget will be made and submitted to the client for approval. Products sent without an invoice will be refused. Shipping and return costs is FOB, provided by the customer. A product that remains for more than 30 days in our laboratories, without approval of the budget sent, will be returned to the client.


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