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Booster Platform

The Booster Platform represents the possibility to develop applications for self-service terminals in minutes, simply, quickly and efficiently.

This process occurs in the Schalter Kiosk Manager (SDK).

The P.P. emerged from the idea to transform the competition into partners. Schalter’s focus is to produce self-service terminals and not build specific software services.

With this in mind, Schalter built a set of tools to ACCELERATE the development of applications for its terminals. Also providing tools for centralized management, control and equipment monitoring.

The objective is to add business partners in the broad range of segments in a mixture of collaboration, strategy and innovation.

* Available only in Brazil.


Only a few clicks are necessary to create a plug-in (application). The SDK is fully integrated with MS Visual Studio and has a self-service terminal simulator, so that you can test implementations quickly.

Easy to distribute

Packaging a plug-in for distribution is simple and quick.

You do not even need to leave the IDE of Visual Studio to do it. Just point and click! A versioned package is created and is ready for distribution.

Technology that you already know

You do not need to reinvent the wheel.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS and a little bit of C# are enough. This makes the learning curve small or nonexistent and lets you focus on the objective of the plug-in!

Simulate the equipment

It is not always easy to predict how an application will work in the hardware it is embedded in. For this purpose, SDK has a simulator, which facilitates the debugging of the plug-in, regarding the look or the process.
The simulator also enables integration tests, mainly direct communication of JavaScript with the written command in C#.


Use plug-ins created by Schalter or by partners.

The integration can occur through a layer in C# or even directly through JavaScript synchronously or asynchronously. 


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